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LIVING SOCIAL REVIEWS: Honolulu 08/24/13
Laren Futa
Josalyn is great!!!!! Thinking of going back to get another procedure done
Sondra Dockham-Leong
Competent, thoughtful practitioner.  Setting is clean, sleek and professional.
Stephanie Antonio
josalyn is great!  My permanent make up looks good and it didn't eben hurt!  Painless! Yay!
Dawn Tamanaha
Josalyn was very friendly, welcoming & Warm.  Very reassuring and great follow up on the next day.  Definitely recommending family and friends to her.
Kelly Deese
Josalyn (owner) is very nice and professional.  She cares and does outstanding work.
liz alarcio
I am so impressed with josalyn's work.  I am doing my eyeliner, top and bottom after my awesome eyebrow experience.  She does a terrific work, she is a terrific person, she knows and loves what she does!  My daughter is as please as me with her eyebrows, we both did it the same day!
Stephanie Shimabukuro
amazing services with an caring and professional individual.  she puts all your worries to rest.

If you have a permanent tattooing that needs either a touch up or if you are a first timer. By all means go see Josalyn. She is Awesome!! Josalyn explains everything leaving no stone unturned. Jos, is caring and very easy to talk too. I have gone to her for my eyebrows for sometime now and I'm glad I did. You will be very Happy with the service that you recieve. :)

Sandy D.

Mililani, HI


A small price to pay for HAPPINESS!

Please go see Josalyn if you're tired of your spending countless minutes every morning perfecting your brows Every day, I had to draw in (using makeup) and shade my brows. Taking the time to perfect them every morning is a pain.


I've had them tattooed about 7 yrs. ago, but over time they fade until you are left with hardly any brow color. Since about 4 yrs ago, I've been looking for someone to re-do them. I was tired of them and just wanted to get them tattooed again, but didnt want to go back to the original place I went to before (I had my reasons). I've had people refer me to a few places, but after seeing their work, did not feel it was for me. I was hesitant to go to just *anybody* for my brows b/c I am super picky when it comes to the shape. A couple of months ago, I had my upper eyeliner (lash line) tattooed through a referral, but that woman & the experience was a trip (not in a good way)! Thank goodness, the lash line tattoo came out alright in the end because I definitely did not want to go back for the touch up visit. Too bad b/c I would have wanted to do my brows next=(

I believe that all things happen for a reason because then I wouldn't have found Josalyn=)

A brow session with Josalyn includes:

1) an extremely thorough consultation (color selection and drawn in brows as a tattoo example, your overall expectations, her professional advice, Q&A)

2) numbing cream on the area

3) actual tattooing (Some discomfort during, but honestly, could have fallen asleep)

4) you'll leave with a mini kit of after care instructions, wipes, qtips and petroleum skin protectant.

5) one touch-up appointment approx. 6 weeks later (included in price)

If you are thinking about it for the first time or need a touch up, look no further. You will not find anyone more professional, knowledgable, friendlier all in one person. There needs to be a comfort level when doing something this permanent. Trust me, from the minute you meet her, you will know!

5/5 Ambience - Extremely clean, relaxing, happy

5/5 Service - Professional, accommodating, efficient, very friendly, kind

5/5 Price - Reasonable, affordable, a small price to pay for your happiness=)

Misa D.

Honolulu, HI


Josalyn empathizes with her clients. I was so anxious with my procedure but she made me feel very comfortable. She was very thorough with her consultation. I did my eyebrows and eyeliner(top and bottom) all at the same time. Beautiful! I will surely recommend her! And her salon is very neat! No clutter, no loud advertisements of all sorts! She even followed up the next day and asked if everything was alright! Thanks,Josalyn ^-^

Marivic B.

Pearl City, HI


Josalyn's been doing my tattoo for several years now when she was working at Face It. Now she's opened her own salon I followed her! Her newly renovated salon is in a great location and lots of parking! She has done my eyebrows before and they look great. She recently retouched my eyeliner and as always she does a great job. I trust her doing my eyes because she has gentle and steady hands. She gave me a care kit after! Nobody's ever given me a care kit before;)

Josalyn is dedicated in making women beautiful. She perms and tints eyelashes and I'll probably do this next. She did my daughter's hair and make up for her dance concert, too! I'll keep coming back to her for my beautification needs. Thanks Josalyn!

Theresa N.

Waipahu, HI


I've always gone to Josalyn for my hair and make up. She always makes me beautiful for events that I attend. When I found out that she started doing permanent make up, there was no doubt that I needed to get my eyeliner done by her too!

Josalyn is the best! I'm so glad that I went to her for my eyeliner. She explained everything to me in detail and had the patience to answer my questions. It was painless and I was very happy with the results! Not only was she professional, her shop was very welcoming and very clean! It makes you feel like you're at home. I was very comfortable and relaxed, not at all worried about what I was getting myself into. I'm definitely coming back for my future retouches!

Anne S.

Honolulu, HI


I went in for my retouch today & it looks perfect!! It was very painless. Josalyn's very professional & has AWESOME Customer Service!! I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in getting their eyebrows done at Makeup For Keeps!!

Vanessa L

Ewa Beach, HI


I was very happy with my experience with Josalyn! Poor woman had to fix what someone else previously messed up on. My eyebrows were crooked! She was thorough with explaining the before, during, and after stuff of the procedure, and also answered all the questions that I had. The one aspect that I especially liked was the fact that she was a perfectionist. Based on my past experiences, this is the one quality you would want in someone who will be placing something permanent on your body. When she drew in my eyebrows, she showed me two options and I could not decide on which shape to go with since they both looked awesome. I think this took the longest out of the appointment--who would have thunk. The actual procedure was done in less than 10 minutes, maybe even less than that. It was fast and painless! I was happy about that part and painless. It has been a week since the procedure, I've had no complications and my brows look great. I go back in 6 weeks for a touch-up. I'll definitely be back to get my eyeliner done. Thanks again Josalyn, you're a keeper!

Maile H.

Aiea, HI


One word, PERFECT!

Been really thinking of getting my eyebrows tattooed for years but always had that iffy feeling. Through relatives I found out about Makeup for Keeps, and foreal this is permanent makeup thats a keeper! I just got my brows done today and I love love love them! It was easy and really painless, as in no pain at all! They really look natural and PERFECT, just the way I wanted it :) will definitely tell everyone about Makeup for keeps!

Janna U.

Honolulu, HI